Here's Your First Look at Kerry Washington as Anita Hill


Update, 6/16: Are you ready? The first look at Confirmation—the HBO film about Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas—is here, thanks to, well, HBO, and Washington herself. And can we just say, we're SO EXCITED.

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Original story, 3/15: Gloria Steinem. Billy Jean King. Female superheroes! Certain members of Hollywood are realizing that real-life women are just as worthy of their own movies/shows as Chevy-alien hybrids and potty-mouthed stuffed animals, and all we can say to that is, "At last!"

According to the Hollywood Reporter,our cover girl Kerry Washington will play Anita Hill in an HBO movie titled Confirmation. Hill, who is today a professor at Brandeis University, accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in 1991 while he was being considered for the Supreme Court and, in the process, ignited a national discussion of victim's rights, sexism, and race relations.

Susannnah Grant, who received an Oscar nomination for Erin Brokovich, will write the screenplay, while Washington will also executive produce. There's no release date yet, but two things are certain: 1) Filming won't interfere with Scandal, and 2) We are so watching this.

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