9 Goop-Style Celebrity Websites You Never Knew Existed

They're just trying to make your life better, okay?
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Because the Internet could always use one more blog/e-commerce platform/guide to doing things the Famous Person Way, celebrities are building websites from which they pontificate about mint juleps and "Why Nylon Sucks." Say what you will, but Gwyneth Paltrow was first out of the gate, which is why Goop's in the headline and the adjective that best describes everyone under it is "next-gen." Let's go.

1. Julianne Hough

Why I am doing this right now: She launched Jules today. JHough seems relentlessly upbeat and really wants to create a "digital neighborhood," where we'll all learn to be "our #trueselves…spreading kindness and living an inspired life!" I had nothing to do with the punctuation.

2. Jessica Alba

A lot of healthy stuff.

3. Shay Mitchell

In between shelling out for color-coordinated items she's picked out for you, the Pretty Little Liars actress suggests you paint your nails like footballs and mix drinks (not at the same time). Important: The tao of Amore & Vita allows for pizza burgers.

4. Reese Witherspoon

Until it decides to launch sometime this year, Draper James is just a landing page where you can admire the bottom half of RW's face and imagine what "grace and charm" look like editorially. Answer: shopping at the imminent brick-and-mortar store for "bed and bath products, lingerie, handbags, kitchenware, fragrance and cosmetics, furniture, swimwear, pens, pencils, stationary, swaddling blankets and even plastic storage containers."

5. Lo Bosworth

The Lodown has recipes, trend forecasts, and its own Spotify. It is not visually offensive.

6. Meghan Markle

You can read the Suits actress's explanation for the name yourself, because I've got too much on my plate starting Citizens for the Reclassification of Gwyneth Paltrow as Misunderstood and Not Insufferable. (But honestly—we really like that The Tig features a lot of food. We're on board.)

7. Jamie Chung

What the Chung = #OOTDs except one vertical for earning "instant karma" by buying branded picnic totes pre-loaded with sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio.

8. Tori Spelling

ediTORIal seemingly exists because Tori Spelling has discovered quite a few words in which her name appears. (celebraTORI is my favorite.) There are random family photos, lots of product recs, and an uncharacteristically Hollywood disregard for clean/whole/non-GMO foods. Canned cream of mushroom soup and boxed cake mix are #onbrand here, which is both courageous and a little frightening.

9. Alicia Silverstone

How Alicia Silverstone wants you to live your life, in a few words: Be kind. Take vegan vitamins. Give away your old J Brands.

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