Fergie Binge-Watches 'Scandal,' Waits for Soufflés, and Once Lost a Lasagna Cook-off to Josh Duhamel

Between working on a new solo album and launching her Avon Outspoken Fresh fragrance, the singer answers a round of "opposite" questions in rapid-fire fashion.

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1. Would always: Spray perfume on the nape of my neck, wrists, and hair, then do a final walk-through before I exit the door. Would never: Put on two fragrances at the same time. One boyfriend told me I smelled like a whorehouse.

2. Picky about: [My son] Axl's bibs. I found this company called Bibbybubby that makes them in prints like camo and plaid. Not so much about: Where I go on date nights [with husband Josh Duhamel], whether it's the movies or a dive bar or Nobu Malibu.

3. I feel for: The homeless and the less fortunate. No sympathy: Backstabbers.

4. Early for: Nothing. Late for: Church.

5. Getting better at: Saying "no" to things. We can have it all, just not all at once. Getting worse at: Putting things back in their place. I don't have the time.

6. Totally get the appeal: Binge-watching Sons of AnarchyScandalRay DonovanNurse JackieThe WireBreaking BadLost—I could go on and on. Don't get at all: Texting at a group dinner.

7. Moment of triumph: Singing for more than a million people in Ipanema Beach on New Year's Eve in 2006. Epic fail: I tried to make my mom's lasagna in a contest with Josh. I didn't cook it long enough, so it was really soggy.

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8. Perennially cool: Honesty. Never cool: Manipulating by fear or guilt.

9. Farthest vacation: Maldives for my honeymoon. Nearest: My house! Staycation.

10. Would try once: Hot-air ballooning. No, thanks: Shark-cage diving.

11. Career highlights: Opening for bands like the Rolling Stones, U2, the Police, and Metallica—I remember going to see them in high school. Low point: When I was in Wild Orchid at a fair performance in 1998 and only five people showed up.

12. Subject I won't shut up about lately: My next album, due out later this year. I'm so excited to be making the album that I'm supposed to make. Subject I avoid: Getting back to holiday texts.

13. Endlessly curious about: New fashion shows. I recently got to see my friend Jean Paul Gaultier's final ready-to-wear show in Paris. Zero interest: The McRib sandwich.

14. Worth the wait: Chocolate and Grand Marnier soufflés. Wherever they say it will take 45 minutes or an hour, I always stay and wait. No patience for: When people's actions don't back up their words.

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