Fergie Joins the Fight to End Violence Against Women

Fergie is standing up against violence against women on a global scale.

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Fergie is the latest in the string of famous women joining the fight against domestic violence. She's partnering with the Avon FoundationVital Voices, and the State Department in a new program called the Gender-Based Violence Emergency Response and Protection Initiative, a part of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Women. The program aims to combat domestic violence across the globe. Their goal? Eradicate domestic violence. The initiative will offer several programs and helpful initiatives to those affected by extreme forms of domestic or sexual violence across the globe. They'll provide emergency grants which will give victims access to the much-needed things they may not have otherwise: medical care, shelter, and legal aid. This global program will combat some startling statistics: one in three women will be a victim of partner abuse. What does all of this mean? You can get the heck out of a bad situation ASAP with the help of this program.

Fergie in particular is involved with the initiative's Justice Institute on Gender-Based Violence, a training program for law enforcement, judges, and other government officials. The institute will work to ensure that existing laws against gender-based violence and honor crimes are carried out in the way they should be. "The new Justice Institute on Gender-Based Violence is designed to ensure that laws achieve their promise," Fergie says of the institute. "It will go even further to protect women who are victims of violence and secure justice for them." The institute will first launch in Nepal, Mexico, India and South Africa, with more locations to come over the next two years. A global movement to end domestic violence? We can get on board with that.

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