Heidi Klum Is a Sexy Arsonist in a New Music Video for Sia's "Fire Meet Gasoline"

Maddie Ziegler sat this one out. Her wig didn't.

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In the most un-Sia-like Sia music video yet (mostly because it doesn't star Maddie Ziegler for once), Heidi Klum and Game of Thrones's Pedro Pascal play a couple who, when they're not rolling around on a bed, a meadow, or in some sheer curtains, set things on fire and present each other with bloodstained rocks. Not bad for a guy who exited television via head smush?

The visuals for "Fire Meet Gasoline" follow Sia's video trilogy, the last of which featured Maddie Ziegler's head and a considerable amount of grimacing.

Watch the extended Heidi Klum Intimates commercial below, because with the product placement and the billowy-drape peekaboo and the chin-licking, that's what it really is.

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