Chrissy Teigen, Weirdly, Is Taking a Lot of Heat for Her "Hot Nannies" Comment

A joke "clearly lost upon many."

Chrissy Teigen
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When Chrissy Teigen gave us a crash course on how to be funny online, one of her lessons was "Be authentic and talk about random, relatable stuff like the short life span of the Californian avocado." IRL, she exercises that same no-filter approachability, recently telling a joke that didn't hit that well with some parts of the internet.

"No hot nannies, drivers or maids," the staunch anti-Photoshopper said to the New York Post at Lauren Conrad's NYFW debut Wednesday. "I do want to have kids one day, so it's something that I have to think about. But the rule is no hot nannies. I trust John, but you never know with these men."

She then said that she'd have to keep an eye on her "cute" assistant, even though "it doesn't really matter what you look like—sometimes cabin fever just strikes and men do the do."

Not her finest work, but 1) she was asked and 2) there's precedent, given Affleck, Schwarzenegger, Law, etc. To emphasize that the "regressive" and "insecure" comment was meant in jest, Teigen interrupted her regularly scheduled programming about Shake Shack and pugs to clear the air.

Nothing to see here, really, but with all the this-offends-me-as-an-[insert literally anything]-ness going on lately, I gotta ask: What happened to us? 

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