Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sings "BBHMM" on Jimmy Fallon, Reminds You He's Perfect

As are all the Ragtime Gals.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Jimmy Fallon & Ragtime Gals
(Image credit: Getty)

Real Q: When confronted by a barbershop quintet harmonizing "Pay me what you owe me/Ballin' bigger than LeBron," do you laugh or comply? Both?

On Thursday's episode of Jimmy Fallon, new dad Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined the Ragtime Gals in covering Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money," the video for which should not be read as anything other than a piece of art (opens in new tab), Rihanna would have you know.

Luckily, there aren't any ambiguities here about what 1) JGL's hip swivel and 2) any time they go "brrap, brrap, brrap" mean, so watch the video below, then watch Miss Piggy's version (opens in new tab).

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