Kylie Jenner Says "Everyone Needs to Chill," Suggests She and Tyga Are Back Together

Snapchat saves the day.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner
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Update, 11/22: It's barely been 48 hours since Kylie Jenner reportedly dumped Tyga for reasons so unforgiving they couldn't be mentioned, but it seems the pair is already back together. (Or, perhaps more realistic despite all the anonymous sources "confirming" that they'd split, they didn't break up at all.)

Last night on Snapchat, Jenner shared a picture of the two of them with this telling caption: "Everyone needs to chill."


Original story, 11/20: No sooner had they become official enough to warrant a nontraditional Halloween costume have Kylie Jenner and Tyga allegedly broken up, TMZ reports.

A source tells the publication the couple called it quits Thursday after the rapper did something so objectionable it could not be named. In the other corner, we've got a second source connected to Tyga who says Kylie caved under "pressure from the Kardashians" to sever the relationship.

Who's right? Will she throw away his mugshot even though it's an integral part of her living room décor? It's all he said, she said at this point, but we'll keep up with the story and bring you any updates.

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