Lorde Wrote a Touching, Mile-Long Tribute to David Bowie

"He heralded me into my next new life."

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The internet can be an iffy place (looking at you, Tumblr), but the past hours have been filled with touching tributes to David Bowie, who passed away from cancer (opens in new tab) on January 10.

Celebrities from Kanye West to Brian Eno have paid social media respects to the pop icon, but none more touching than Lorde's Facebook tribute.

The "Royals" singer shared memories of her first meeting with Bowie at a benefit honoring Tilda Swinton in 2013. Bowie was blown away by the star's performance, and their conversation "changed something" in her.

"I've never met a hero of mine and liked it," Lorde wrote. "It just sucks, the pressure is too huge, you can't enjoy it. David was different. I'll never forget the caressing of our hands as we spoke, or the light in his eyes. That night something changed in me—I felt a calmness grow, a sureness. I think in those brief moments, he heralded me into my next new life, an old rock and roll alien angel in a perfect grey suit."

Read Lorde's full, deeply-moving post below, where she talks at length about how Bowie inspired her to embrace her "spiky strangeness." 

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Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

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