Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann Hit on Hot Reporter, Demand He Take Off His Shirt


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Idle celebrities are their own downfall (just look where that got Cara Delevingne), so in the theme of their new movie How to Be Single, costars Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson livened up their promo tour by shamelessly flirting with reporter Chris Van Vliet. He seemed to like it.

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After some classic "Do you work out?" and plenty of giggling, they tested Van Vliet's weak pickup-line game. (Best one: "Do you have a library card? Because I'd like to check you out.") Now, there's been a lot of debate surrounding the appropriateness of demanding your interviewer unbutton his shirt and the whole "BUT WHAT IF THE GENDERS WERE REVERSED?" element, but please: Watch the video first and consider the "objectified" party's reaction before you respond. 

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