Demi Lovato's Emotional New Video Will Leave You Crying in a Bathtub

😭🛀 = Everyone after watching this.

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When life hands you lemons instead of pizza, sometimes it's best to climb into a bathtub and sob hysterically, an experience Demi Lovato is fully familiar with. The singer just debuted a feelings-filled video for "Stone Cold," which basically consists of her losing all semblance of chill in a bathtub.

The video is relatable for anyone who's gone through a breakup, and Demi says filming it was cathartic. "This song hurts. So unbelievably bad," she explained via Instagram (opens in new tab). "And when I perform it on a TV show, in rehearsals, or even in a bathtub, it completely takes me to a different place. This song was so therapeutic to write and record, and because of that I wanted to translate that same emotion onto the screen."

Consider the emotion translated and then some, because this is us right now:

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Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

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