Praise Be: Kim Kardashian Is Finally on Snapchat

Social media domination complete.

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Before the fated day of March 8th, Kim Kardashian's social media game was subpar at the best of the times. Sure, she broke the internet with a nude photo, picked up its fragmented remains, and then broke it again with yet another nude photo, but what about Snapchat.

Kim has been teasing the American people with hope of a Snapchat takeover for months (she first announced her plans in DJ Khaled's snap), but she's finally followed through. And bless her heart, she even figured out how to make the pen pink.

But wait, there's more to Kim's Snapchat journey than meets the eye. Turns out she actually opened up an account several weeks ago in London, but kept it on the DL so she could "lurk."

We totally respect that lurking life, but thank god Kim has graced Snapchat with her official presence, because one reality show, one mobile game, and several social media accounts just isn't enough. 

Kim's username is KimKardashian (what else), so go forth.

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