Orlando Bloom Adorably Filmed Katy Perry's DNC Performance Like a True Fan-Boy

RIP, our hearts.

Katy Perry 2016 DNC performance
(Image credit: Getty)

Hillary Clinton just shattered the glass ceiling by accepting the democratic presidential nomination, and Katy Perry was there to celebrate with a live performance of "Rise." And, like an insanely faithful labradoodle following her every move with unbridled enthusiasm, Orlando Bloom was right by her side.

The retired Lord of the Rings elf/professional heartthrob filmed his girlfriend's performance from the audience, and it was quite possibly the sweetest thing ever.

Look at his face:

No, really, LOOK AT IT..

It's like Husbands of Instagram meets Every Dad at a Ballet Recital Ever up in here. But it only gets better, because Katy and Orlando also served some (quite patriotic) behind-the-scenes relationship goals.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/BrenTheKatyCat/status/758838718299942914[/twitter]

Watch Katy's full performance below, because—hate to break it to Orlando who's arm is probably aching from holding up that iPhone—it's obviously on YouTube already.

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Mehera Bonner
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