Tyra Banks Is Teaching a Class at Stanford, So Yeah...Casual

Don't act surprised, we all knew this was inevitable.

Tyra Banks
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Tyra Banks, woman who taught the world how to smize and "booty tooch," is taking her rightful place as a Stanford University professor. The former America's Next Top Model host and current hero will teach (opens in new tab) a two-week course on personal branding to 25 M.B.A. students next May. 

Tyra tweeted (opens in new tab) that she's "beyond excited to teach," saying that "it's in my blood and I can't wait to meet my students." The bad news is that there's no lesson in smizing, which is a huge blow.

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By the way, Tyra's class is (flawlessly) called "Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand." The description (opens in new tab) is as follows: 

Project You will help each student realize: What is a personal brand and how can it be unleashed as a valuable, competitive advantage? Why do you need a personal brand? How do you differentiate yourself and create a brand identity and strategy? How do you use social and traditional media to enhance your brand effectively as well as measure the metrics of social media responses? And how do you know when to pivot and evolve your brand for sustainability? GSB Lecturer, Allison Kluger, a former Television Executive and Co-Lecturer, Tyra Banks, Supermodel/Entrepreneur/Television Executive/Business CEO, will lead this class. They will help students create their own specific image to support their brand, teach them how to navigate on-air exposure, and help them create a long-term strategy for how to promote their personal brand across several media platforms. Within a highly interactive learning environment, image transformations, live broadcasting of presentations at a television station, live streaming of portions of the class on Facebook Live, and YouTube recordings of presentations will all be part of the assignments and requirements. The class culminates with the students sharing their honed personal brand to the public via three viable platforms (Facebook Live, local television, YouTube) to jump-start their personal brand extension. A 1:30 video stating "Who you are, what your personal brand is, and what you want it to be" will be a mandatory requirement before Class #1.

Ummm...how do we sign up? Oh right, we have to get into Stanford.

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