Drake's Entire VMA Experience Was Trying to Kiss Rihanna and Failing

The thirst for RiRi is real.

Rihanna kissed on stage
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Drake declared his love (opens in new tab) for Rihanna on stage at the VMAs, and it was the actual cutest thing ever. But then the sweet bae tried to kiss Riri, paving the way for an entire evening of unrequited lip-locks. Let's hold internet-hands and break this thing down, because it was just the greatest:

Exhibit A: Drake Kisses Rihanna on Stage, Fails.

Rihanna & Drake Kiss

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Please note that she appears to have mouthed "that wasn't funny" post-smooch (h/t Vulture (opens in new tab)).

Rihanna and Drake

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Exhibit B: Drake Kisses Rihanna Walking Off Stage, Fails Again

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No one has ever been more shut down then Drake in this moment.

Exhibit C: Drake Attempts to Kiss Rihanna on Instagram, and Yep, Fails

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Fingers crossed that Drake managed to get a kiss before the night was out, because these two could not be sweeter.

Rihanna and Drake

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