Ashley Iaconetti's Cry-Proof Makeup Look for When Life's Hard AF (But You Still Have to Look Suitable for Suitors)

Bring on the 💦 .

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You know how humans cry? And how when women cry they're called "overly emotional?" Yeah, Ashley Iaconetti is here to change that stigma, one televised sob session at a time. The Bachelor in Paradise star has become famous for her public weeping, and her intensely on👌 makeup look—so on that note, we have two important things to discuss.

1. The fact that there's nothing embarrassing about crying in public—even when "in public" is code for "on national TV."

"One of the things I'm trying to do with my friends is start an emotional revolution," Ashley tells "I'm going to try to use my platform as this crying girl on reality TV, and really bring depth and meaning to how people deal with emotion-shaming. Dealing with emotions and expressing yourself doesn't make you weak. Just because I cry, doesn't mean I'm weak—it means I'm expressive and honest enough with my emotions to show people how I'm feeling."

(Side note: the last time Ash cried was two weeks ago due to a dog on Instagram. Been there.)

2. The fact that Ashley manages to cry without ruining her glam. We're honestly starting to think she's a beauty wizard and the rest of us are mere Muggles, because this is what she looks like tearing-up:


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Actual heck. How are there are no mascara stains to be found?!

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Obviously, we needed details on the exact products Ashley uses to attain her beauty look, because who amongst us hasn't had to leave their desk to sob in the bathroom? Especially in the wake of this Brangelina news, which is pushing humanity to its very emotional limit.

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1. Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse: "This foundation was discontinued in the U.S., so I get it from eBay and Amazon in Canada." Pssst: When Ashley wants to add a little summer glow, she turns to Becca Cosmetics' Contour Pallette.

2. Lash Extensions: "I'm sans lash extensions now for the first time in 2.5 years. They make you feel beautiful without makeup. You wake up feeling confident. I always asked my lash tech to make them cat eye-D and fanned out at the ends for a sexy, sultry look. However they do require money and time. It becomes a habit like getting your nails done." (Note: fake lashes = no tear streaks.)

3. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara: "When I had lash extensions, I always put a little coat on them. I use L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara, which actually works really well. I don't even use waterproof, because waterproof takes out lash extensions."

4. Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder: "I put a layer of this over my foundation to finish the look. It helps everything set and I think it tends to prevent tear tracks. But let's be real—after a good cry on The Bachelor, I usually have to run to the bathroom and touch up."

Cool-cool, pulling an Ashley and scrolling through these Brangelina pictures now.

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