Susan Sarandon Is Only Getting Hotter at 70: An Appreciation Post

ILY, Susan Sarandon.

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Some people are consistently hot. Others come back from the summer holiday suddenly, suspiciously hot. But Susan Sarandon might be the rare example of a person who has always been hot—but is only getting hotter as time passes.

In Elizabethan times, they thought no woman became more attractive after age 25, to which our friend Susie S. is like, "False—ye old sexists were even wronger about this than you were about bloodletting." Because, wow, just look at her in this suit at Cannes, which is probably the look they'll use for the posters of her biopic down the road, because it's just that Movie Star:


But the real champ has to be this green velvet portrait-neckline gown (worn with Gentle Monster sunglasses). One for the history books. One for diligently moisturizing your décolleté every night with firm upward strokes. One for actually believing "age ain't nothing but a number" instead of just saying it as you cry into the free restaurant fondant you'll only take a bite of because sugar is inflammatory.


Even more than the clothes, though—which, by the way, show that clean, well-cut classics work on women of all ages—is her attitude, so apparent even in photos. Here's a lady who's lived, not just while filming Thelma & Louise. She probably eats the whole birthday cake (à la mode, naturally) and enjoys it too. You can just tell. And that's sexy—not "even" at 70, but because of it.

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