Let's Take a Moment to Celebrate This Reporter Who Got Puked on During Her Live Broadcast, and Kept Going Like a Badass


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The other day, unsung hero and KTLA reporter Wendy Burch got a new assignment: report live from Los Angeles' ironman competition. After all, what could go wrong? Answer: SO MUCH. Because the L.A. ironman competition is an event filled with topless men performing feats of athleticism and chugging beer. Yay!

Unfortunately, one particularly messy competitor chose to vomit all over Burch and the man she was interviewing during the event. But did she stop her interview in horror and quit? No. Did she vomit in response to being vomited on? Also no. Instead, she said "oh no, no, no, no," then grabbed someone else to interview, and soldiered through like The Little Engine That Could.

"I grabbed a guy who appeared to be a spirited competitor, and from the evidence of his beer belly, had been clearly training for this event for years," she wrote in a truly iconic blog post. "My hope was that his broad… ah, erh… shoulders, could shield our morning viewers from the ups—and from what wasn't staying down—in this competition. What I didn't notice until later, is that he had a bullseye drawn on his back with the words "puke here" written in magic marker. And wouldn't you know it? Someone took him up on the offer right during the middle of my live report, much to the chagrin, of me, our anchors, and anyone in Southern California who may have been eating breakfast at that very moment."


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Mehera Bonner
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