Does Kylie Jenner's New Lip Logo Look Familiar? Because She's Been Accused of Stealing It

Evergreen Kardashian problem...

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When it comes to people accusing her of stealing their intellectual property, 2017 hasn't been a great year for Kylie Jenner. Not only did she and Kendall Jenner have to pull their T-shirt collection after multiple music legends called them out for using their images sans permission, but Kylie was also accused of copying designs from an independent clothing label. And now?

TMZ reports that her reality show logo—a neon lip—is coming under fire from artist Sara Pope, who's filed a lawsuit against the youngest Jenner sister.

Pope alleges that Kylie's Life of Kylie logo is a dead ringer for one of her art pieces called Temptation Neon. She's reportedly suing both Kylie and NBC Universal.

As of now, Kylie hasn't commented on the suit, but sources tell TMZ that the design was made by an "third party, and Kylie herself had nothing to do with the process."


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