We're Pretty Sure These 'Game of Thrones' Actors Just Revealed That a Character We All Thought Would Die This Year Lives Until Season 8

Accidental spoilers much?

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Game of Thrones is famously brutal when it comes to killing off characters, including some fan favorites. No character is safe and even the actors don't know what's in store for their characters until they get the newest scripts.

"The first thing I really do when I get the scripts is I go to the last page of the last episode and then look backward until I find my name to see if I survive," Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister, told Entertainment Weekly earlier this summer.

The actors are also sworn to secrecy about the show's plot, naturally, so when something big happens, they have no one to fan out with but each other. Lena Headey revealed that Dinklage has texted her in shock about some of the twists in the script.

"Last year, Pete Dinklage sent me a text that said 'Oh my God, have you read them,' and I hadn't. I'd just had my second baby so I was a bit crazy and full of milk," she told Time earlier this month. "He just said 'Holy s--t,' and I was like 'What the f---?!' He went, "Oh my God, I'm not telling you,' so I [assumed] oh, I'm going to die. And then, I went straight to the end. I was really in shock. I think obviously, now, there's got to be some body count at the end of [season] 8."

Now, when it comes to those Dinklage texts, Headey appears to have been referring to Cersei's (literally) explosive move in the Season 6 finale, but something about this quote is very interesting. Headey says she assumed she was going to die, found out she was wrong, and now expects a body count at the end of Season 8—not seven, which is the season we're currently in. Did she just accidentally confirm that her character makes it to Thrones' final season?

This is significant, since many fans weren't counting on Cersei to make it to the end of this season alive (the popular Mad Queen theory has her being taken out by her brother/lover, Jaime). It's possible that Headey just misspoke and meant to say Season 7. It's also possible that she's just messing with us, throwing us off the scent so that Cersei's demise is all the more shocking. But it's also possible that the fiercest Lannister makes it further in the game than we all thought, which would be pretty amazing.

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