Bet You've Never Noticed This Recurring 'Game of Thrones' Character Before

Cersei's maid has been lurking on the show for *years*.

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Please prepare for your mind to be 💥 💥 💥 , because a random character on Sunday's Game of Thrones has been lurking on the show for literally years. Meet Cersei's maid, AKA the lady who awkwardly walked in on the Queen post-sex with her brother:

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Much like everyone else, we assumed this character was an extra employed for this scene only. But nope—turns out this is Bernadette, and she's been working for Cersei since way back in Season One.

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Reddit points out that Bern (new nickname, deal with it) can be seen in multiple episodes of Game of Thrones—and is usually dressed to match Cersei. So either she is fully obsessed, or Cersei's making her maids dress exactly like her. Either way, here for it.

To quote Reddit user Knightboat17, "One time I saw Cersei Lannister wearing a black skin tight suit and had a pixie cut. So I bought a black skin tight suit and got a pixie cut."

Watch the trailer for Sunday's episode below:

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