A 'Game of Thrones' Speech from Season One May Predict How the Show Ends

*Grabs popcorn, delves into fan-theory rabbit hole*

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Who knows how Game of Thrones will end (hopefully with another appearance from Ed Sheeran—just kidding!), but obviously the question on everyone's mind is who will take the Iron Throne. Right now, it looks like a toss up between Cersei and Daenerys, and judging from a speech in Season One—Cersei is fresh out of luck.

In the speech—which is making the rounds on Reddit—Robert Baratheon lays out exactly how the Targaryens and Dothraki will own the throne—and considering he sounds on the money about everything except Daenerys being the Targaryen in question, this could be an epic case of foreshadowing.

While it's hard to imagine Daenerys allowing the Dothraki to loot and burn their way through Westeros, Robert has a point. Is this how Dany will take the throne? Only time (and more fan theories) will tell, friends.


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