Dax Shepard Broke Up With Kristen Bell Before They Got Married


Dax Shepard broke up with Kristen Bell before they got married
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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of Hollywood's most loveable couples, so it's hard to believe that early in their relationship, Shepard broke up with Bell. The pair, who have been married since 2013, and have two children together, almost didn't make it, according to Bell.

Speaking to Popsugar, Bell revealed, "We were dating for about three months... He sat me down and said, 'I can't have this right now. I think you're wonderful, but I am still dating other people.' And then I, like, liquefied and fell to the ground, but I felt incredibly respected that he had the balls to tell me we weren't in the same place." So, everyone's favorite couple almost broke up right at the start of their relationship?!

Dax Shepard broke up with Kristen Bell before they got married

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Luckily, this wasn't the end of their love story, and Shepard quickly realized that he wanted to be with Bell. Apparently it only took him four days to call her up and confess, "I don't know what I was thinking. I was dating someone else but they're just not as interesting as you, and I don't know what I'm doing." Thank goodness he realized the error of his ways and got back together with Bell, as our lives would be way more boring without them.

Still, the Frozen star isn't about to let her husband off the hook. As she told Popsugar, "I still always remind him of when he broke up with me." Shepard definitely regrets that move, that's for sure.

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