Taylor Swift Just Confirmed "...Ready for It?" Is About Joe Alwyn—Not Harry Styles

You might say they're Tumblr official...if that's even a thing.

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Taylor Swift's new song is speculated to be at least partially be inspired (opens in new tab) by either her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles or her current boyfriend (opens in new tab) Joe Alwyn, and people who are firmly on Team Styles should probably put their theories on a box to the left.

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While Taylor hasn't spoken out directly about about the meaning of her song (opens in new tab) (in fact, she hasn't spoken out whatsoever since making her triumphant return to the spotlight), she has been active on Tumblr, surreptitiously liking posts including the below (opens in new tab)—in which a fan shared a break down all the Joe Alwyn references in the "...Ready for It" lyrics.

While anyone who uses Twitter knows that likes don't necessarily mean endorsements, we're going to go ahead and read WAY into the fact that Taylor liked this post: it's full of evidence that the song is about Joe, and more than possible that Tay's simple "like" is a way of validating this "fan theory" without speaking out directly.

In other news, someone please ask Taylor Swift to release the third single off Reputation so we have something to analyze other than our emotions.

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