Joan and Melissa Rivers' Tips on Living with Your Mom!

The hilarious mother-daughter duo share what's to come in the second season of their all-too-real reality show this January.

So, does Joan really know best?

Be careful how you answer that, especially if she's your mom and you're sitting right next to her.

MC's Sergio Kletnoy got the mother-daughter duo Joan and Melissa Rivers to tell it like it really is — along with what we have to look forward to on the new season of their WeTV reality show, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, which starts airing new episodes this January.

As for what's in store in the second season, the two share candid advice on how to live with a parent while assuring us that their stories aren't "made-up crap" but situations that really happen.

Or, as Joan puts it: "How many times can you fall down and smack each other and lie in your own vomit?"

Get more Joan Rivers hilarity as she reveals the secret contents of her purse in the January issue of Marie Claire (on newsstands now), and stay tuned for another fun video with the comedienne next month. If that's not enough, find out more about Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? at