47 Really and Truly Adorable Celebrity PDA Moments

You guys!

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No offense to the normal people, but if we have to be subjected to PDA, it better be at the hands (or lips) of at least one A-lister, preferably two. No one really wants to see you swapping saliva on public transportation, okay? But PDA in Tinseltown isn't new, and it's been going on for as long as we can remember. As to why it's the only form we can stand, well, that question remains unanswered. Some celebrity couples here are repeated offenders, but we don't mind

So if you're feeling lonely or just want to be reminded how cute John Legend and Chrissy Teigan are, or are looking to reflect on what was once Chris Pratt and Anna Farris at a movie premiere together, let this be your guide. Take it from these snaps—you can't help but swoon over the most adorable pecks, loving embraces, and innocent hand-holding from these celeb couples. Here are 47 times we didn't find ourselves cringing as celebrities fully participated in PDA.

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