Royal Expert Addresses Claims Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Live "As a Married Couple"

They share Royal Lodge in Windsor.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson with Daughter
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As you may know, the disgraced Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson still live together despite having separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996.

The Duke and Duchess of York currently share Royal Lodge in Windsor (although that's heavily subject to change at the moment), where they live in apparent friendly harmony, and look after the late Queen's two corgis, Muick and Sandy.

The Yorks share two adult children, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, and have three grandchildren and a step-grandchild.

On a recent episode of the Daily Express' Royal Round-Up, host Pandora Forsyth brought up the exes' unusual living situation during a conversation with royal expert Richard Palmer.

"This is a very odd set-up, I won't lie, the actual set-up of it with a former married couple who live on either ends of the house," Forsyth said.

"I mean, it does beg the question that, obviously, they are still quite close."

Palmer replied, "It does, and of course, some people speculate that they are living there as a married couple, but [they] insist that's not the case."

Forsyth then told him, "Lots of people would absolutely hate that idea of thinking of living their ex, [it] would just be hell. I find that the weird part of the story."

The duchess has called herself and Andrew "the happiest divorced couple we know," as reported by an article in the Daily Mail, which also reveals that the two still go on vacations together.

While Ferguson has built her own career by writing books, among other things, and continues to follow the interview trail, Andrew has been disgraced since his ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein came to light and the duke himself was accused of sexual assault by Epstein survivor Virginia Giuffre.

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