Prince Harry "Will Miss the U.K. More and More" With Time, Royal Expert Projects

Richard Palmer thinks the royal doesn't look that happy.

Prince Harry
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In 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the decision to leave the U.K., where their duties as senior royals were proving difficult for their mental health.

This decision was what they thought was best for them at the time, and they certainly appear to stand by it. But for one royal expert, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex' family life in the U.S. may not be treating them as kindly as they'd hoped.

"I suspect, over time, Harry will miss the U.K. more and more," Richard Palmer said on the Daily Express' Royal Round-Up. But he also suggested that "maybe he will get used to" his new home country over time.

Of course, Harry was born in the U.K. to the British Royal Family, and kept his home base there until the scrutiny his wife was under became too much for both of them, and they decided to step down from royal life.

Now, what exactly is Palmer basing these assumptions off of? Well, he has observed that "[Meghan and Harry] don't look that happy when they are in public to me."

He was notably referring to Harry's recent appearance at the United Nations, where he believes the duke seemed "uncomfortable at times."

While it's not out of the realm of possibility that Harry and Meghan aren't always happy in their new life (we don't know this, by the way, and maybe they're living the dream), it's not exactly surprising that Harry may have looked uncomfortable at the U.N.

Not only was he scheduled to speak in front of a ton of important, intimidating people, but he had also received plenty of criticism beforehand from people who believed he wasn't the right choice to speak on Nelson Mandela Day.

So, sure, maybe he wasn't at his happiest that day, but that doesn't mean that he is consistently miserable. I'm sure he does miss the U.K., but does he miss it enough to regret leaving? The answer is completely up to him.

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