Prince William Was "An Absolute Gentleman" and Princess Kate Was "Fun to Be Around," Former Royal Butler Says

I'm happy about this, TBH.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Of course, the royals seem nice from a distance, but it's pretty much impossible to know what they're actually like behind closed doors.

That's why I'm kinda really pleased that former royal butler Grant Harrold remembers Prince William and Princess Kate as being truly lovely people. IDK, it's just better for people to be nice, right?

"William was an absolute gentleman," Harrold, who worked for Prince Charles for seven years, told

"I got on with them so well, they were amazing. What used to make me smile back in those days, there was an event—Prince Charles’ 60th birthday or something—and she was there in the room and I remember nobody was talking to Kate.

"William wasn’t there at that point and she was just kind of standing there. She wasn’t really known. So I went over and started chatting away to her and I thought to myself recently, can you imagine putting her in the middle of a room now, she’d be mobbed. She was great, so I went to chat to her and William came over."

Harrold was really happy to get to know the future spouses in that unique situation.

"I was lucky to know them and get on with them," he continued.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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The former butler also told a funny anecdote of an interaction he had with William.

"When I was getting to know them and looking after them, I remember going to get fuel at the local garage and I took one of the cars, I can’t remember if it was a staff car or royal car, so I was filling it up with fuel," he recalled.

"I was sitting in the garage and somebody tapped my shoulder. I looked round and they had a motorbike helmet on and leathers. I turned around and looked away. I used to be in a reality series a year before, so people would come up and do that to me.

"So he did it again and I looked again and ignored, then I got a third tap. So I turned around and actually came face to face with him and the voice said, 'you don’t recognize me, do you?' and I said, 'no, I don’t know why you keep tapping me' and then he lifted the visor and it was William and then he started laughing like, 'did you get a fright?' and I was like, 'yeah!'

"That was his humor, and that was the kind of relationship I had with him."

As for William's future wife, Harrold was a fan of hers too.

"With Kate, she was just fun to be around," he said.

"The thing I remember is, she was quite caring, asking how I was, how my family were.

"In parts of conversations we’d be giggling and laughing.

"I was very much allowed to be part of that and feel lucky I was allowed to be there and be part of that. They were obviously comfortable with me being around."

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