Princess Kate Beat Prince William in a Cycling Contest, And He Celebrated Her in a "Ground-Breaking" Move for a "Windsor Male," Body Language Expert Says

They're as competitive as me at SoulCycle...

The Prince And Princess Of Wales Visit Wales
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Prince William and Princess Kate are famously ridiculously competitive, especially with each other.

But even though they both want to win everything really badly, it looks like the Prince of Wales isn't a sore loser (unless he's just had to learn not to be because his wife is so good at everything...).

During their recent visit to South Wales, they visited a leisure center in Port Talbot, where they had their turn on some spin bikes, and competed to see who could beat the other—presumably by being the fastest.

"During the 'race' we can see William appear to be trying to push himself through the pain barrier at one point and Kate lowers her head with 'teeth-chomping' smile to register total determination to beat her husband," body language expert Judi James told Express.

"The couple glance across regularly to see how the other is doing, which is to self-motivate rather than offer anything like sympathy or to slow down to let the other win.

"William and Kate are famously competitive and this moment shows that authentic competitiveness in all its distilled glory."

The Prince And Princess Of Wales Visit Wales

(Image credit: Photo by WPA Pool / Getty)

For the expert, this whole thing showed just how solid a couple these two are.

"When a couple can compete for earnest like this in public and where Kate can sit with her hands on her hips or placing a consoling hand on her husband’s arm as she is given the winner’s cup, we are looking at two very sound and solid egos in a very well-balanced, loving relationship," James said.

"Kate has no qualms about showing her husband up like this in public and he looks happy to celebrate her win. For a Windsor male, this is ground-breaking stuff."

For James, the new Waleses' relationship is the complete opposite to the one Prince Charles and Princess Diana had.

"He was famously competitive about their levels of popularity with the public and his jealousy was said to be one more nail in the coffin of their marriage," she explained.

"So for Kate to beat her husband in a spin race and to celebrate that victory while William laughs as he admits defeat, looking proud of his wife rather than jealous of her, is a powerful statement about the strength of their relationship."

The prince and princess posted a photo of themselves on their respective spin bikes on Instagram, looking like they were having the time of their lives, even though they were riding in a skirt and a suit, respectively.

They wrote, "What a wonderful day in South Wales today!

"Leisure centres like the one at Aberavon are at the heart of our communities and play such an important part in helping us all lead a healthy lifestyle - including through regular spin classes…"

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