Princess Kate Is Teaching Prince William How to Be "A Different Kind of Parent," Royal Expert Claims

Jennie Bond is all for it.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis
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Princess Kate's work around early childhood development necessarily influences how she approaches being a mother to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

For one royal expert, the Princess of Wales' parenting methods are actually kind of revolutionary. "The whole ethos of early development is something that a lot of young mothers around the country are taking on and learning alongside Catherine and it is really quite a radical new way of parenting," Jennie Bond told OK!.

She further explained that this new kind of parenting focuses on the children's emotions, and emphasizes "mutual respect" between parent and child, rather than discipline for its own sake.

For Bond, Kate's work around this means that she is probably getting to influence how her husband Prince William parents, and teach him what she's learning.

"It is fantastic and I believe Catherine will very much be the leader in this and William will be the follower, he will have been learning from Catherine how to be a different kind of parent," she said.

"It's all about positivity and the building blocks of becoming a rounded young person. The other important word is is preventative, which Kate has used a lot, and she believes in so strongly.

"I concur with her that it is in these early years where you can prevent so much mental anguish, turmoil or addictive habits or various troubles that might come along in adulthood."

Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis

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Much has been made about Kate's parenting over the years, with countless royal commentators praising her for the compassionate way she brings up her three children—as well as her natural ability to connect with the kids she meets during royal engagements.

For example, it has emerged that Kate and William use a "chat sofa" technique with their children by way of discipline, whereby they explain to them why they shouldn't do what they did—instead of just punishing them without explanation.

Parenting experts commented on this, saying, "This can often create a more calming atmosphere.

"When disciplining their children, it has been revealed that Kate and William are firm in outlining any consequences of bad behavior but never raise their voices. Often when a parent shouts, it is met with the same level of frustration from the child, which can fuel the situation.

"Calmly speaking to your children—but in a firm tone—is a great way to diffuse the situation while getting your message across in a clear and precise manner."

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