Former Royal Chef Says Prince William and Kate Middleton Take a Page Out of Princess Diana's Parenting Book

Darren McGrady gives his take.

Christening Of Prince Louis Of Cambridge At St James's Palace
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While Queen Elizabeth II reportedly "can't stand" how much time Prince William and Kate Middleton spend in the kitchen with their kids, Princess Diana would have very much approved—at least according to the late royal's former chef, Darren McGrady.

"One of the things with William I have noticed is that, like Diana, he and his family love to cook, they love to be together and doing things together," McGrady said in an interview with Coffee Friend (the full interview was shared with Marie Claire via email). "They also, like the princess, allow their children to be children. You see them eating cookies, you see them even making cookies." (And attending pizza parties, bee tee dubs.)

For McGrady, this attitude really mirrors Princess Diana's desire for a more down-to-earth lifestyle within the Royal Family.

"The princess always wanted the boys to be more 'normal' by letting them experience things as royal children and then just ordinary children," the chef said. "You definitely see that with William and Kate now."

Describing the Princess of Wales' own dining style, McGrady shared, "When I joined the princess, she had got her life back on track and she was eating healthily." (This is a reference to the royal's struggle with bulimia.) He added, "Now the food was: fish dishes, stuffed vegetables, lots of chicken and quite a bit of fruit-based recipes.

"It was much, much different and more relaxed at Kensington Palace. It was less formal, it was family style, all the food was placed on the sideboard for the princess and the boys to help themselves. If she wanted a coffee, she preferred instant. She would come in the kitchen and make herself one and offer to make me one." I just love that.

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