Princess Kate Just Revealed Her Workout Routine Involves Trampolining With Her Kids

I love this.

The Princess of Wales Hosts Reception For England Wheelchair Rugby League Team
(Image credit: Photo by Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty)

Princess Kate is an avid sports fan, both as a spectator and a participant, but with such a busy royal schedule, it's obviously not always easy for her to fit in a little exercise.

Still, it sounds like she has come up with some great ways to keep moving on the reg, and it's kind of unexpected, TBH.

On Thursday, the Princess of Wales attended a reception for the England Wheelchair Rugby League Team at Hampton Court Palace, which was set up to honor the team following their win in the World Cup against France in November.

When one player asked the princess if she goes to the gym, she answered, "It’s running around after the children—I do it all, whenever I can squeeze in exercise I do, even jumping on the trampoline with my children before school" (via the Mirror).

A princess? On a trampoline? Why do I love the idea of this so much?

While at Hampton Court, Kate was also asked whether Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis play rugby.

The mom of three said, "We’re always slightly competitive with each other. They all love sport and Louis is mad about rugby.

"They are at an age where they just love running around."

News had previously come out that Kate would bring her children to a trampoline park quite regularly while they lived in London, though it didn't sound like she was jumping on the things herself.

It sounds like the family might have invested in their own trampoline for the new house in Windsor, though I'm just speculating here.

The Princess of Wales Hosts Reception For England Wheelchair Rugby League Team

(Image credit: Photo by Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty)

Arriving at Thursday's event, Princess Kate looked angelic in the soft January sunlight, and wore a swoon-worthy plum pantsuit with matching pointed pumps and a simple white sweater. It's so simple, yet so good.

According to Newsweek, this pantsuit is the same Roland Mouret one she wore back in December in Boston, though at the time she paired it with a pink pussy-bow blouse, so it was a lot less understated.

Interestingly, the princess seems to be rewearing recent looks more often these days. Whereas in the past she would bring back pieces every few years—or even a decade later—this is the second time this month (as far as I've counted) that she's reworn clothes she wore in Boston just weeks ago. Because nothing in the royal world is left up to chance, I wonder if this is an attempt to show the Waleses as being extra down to earth.

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