Queen Elizabeth's Royal Duties Have Been Updated for the First Time In Years

Buckingham Palace says the change isn't "drastic."

Queen Elizabeth with cane
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The queen's job description, though never super clear to begin with, has now officially been changed. Though Buckingham Palace says that the update is not a "drastic" change in royal duties, according to the Mirror, it's unusual for the queen's job to change at all. Need we remind you that Queen Elizabeth has been at this gig for over 70 years now?

The queen's new job description still names her as the official "Head of State" and "Head of Nation," but has removed the requirements that she attend specific events like the Opening of Parliament—which she was required to miss this year due to her health. Instead, the description now says her job, "encompasses a range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties."

It is expected that her son, Prince Charles, will take her place at these royal occasions more frequently. 

Prince Charles with Queen Elizabeth

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The most obvious reason for the unexpected change in the queen's official duties is, of course, her health. While Queen Elizabeth is still very much alive, it's no secret that she's been unwell enough to miss more official and ceremonial events than usual. Most recently, she had to bow out of the Service of Thanksgiving event at her own Platinum Jubilee, having experienced "some discomfort" at the previous day's celebration, according to CNN. 

After 70 years, we think it's probably fair to take on a slightly lighter workload, don't you think?

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