Queen Elizabeth Carried a Sentimental Tribute to Prince Philip at His Memorial Service

The queen kept a photo of her and Philip as newlyweds in her purse.

Queen Elizabeth at Prince Philip memorial
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The Queen made her first public appearance in months at the memorial service for her late husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, a year after his death. According to The Express, Queen Elizabeth carried with her in her purse a couple of sentimental mementos in honor of the duke, including a white handkerchief that used to belong to him and a photograph of the two of them when they were first married. 

"The photo was said to be of their time when they lived in Malta, they lived there from 1949 to 1951," Royally US host Christina Garibaldi said. This would have been when Prince Philip was stationed in the Navy. "It is said to be one of their favorite times together."

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth engagement

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's 73-year marriage began in 1947. Though we don't know the exact photo the queen carried with her to the 2022 ceremony, there are more than enough images of the two of them from their earliest years together that clearly show how much they cared for each other. 

One particularly romantic image, per People, shows the two of them sharing an intimate glance at a cousin's wedding in 1946—which first sparked rumors of a romance between them. Elizabeth is said to have told her father when she was just 13 that Philip was the only man she could ever love.

The queen included other reminders of her husband at the memorial ceremony, including wearing green—the official Edinburgh color—and orchids in her brooch, which were the flowers she carried in her bouquet when they were married. 

"She's just a sentimental person, I think," Royally US cohost Christine Ross said.

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