Robert De Niro, Snoop Dogg and Austin Butler Have Dinner Together... And No, This Isn't the Start of A Joke

According to the rapper's son, the unlikely trio were "talking numbers."

Robert DeNiro, Snoop Dog and Austin Butler attend dinner together,
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Christmas 2024 came early in the form of (arguably) the most implausible, unexpected and delightful dinner party to date.

On Friday, Snoop Dogg's son, Champ Medici shared photos and videos on his personal Instagram account of the rapper dad alongside Academy award-winning actors Robert De Niro and Austin Butler, who all spent time together at Snoop's sprawling estate in Malibu, California.

The post features a photo of the unlikely trio sitting side-by-side on a couch, flashing a smile to the camera. In another photo, Snoop Dogg and De Niro share a brotherly embrace.

"Champ (De Niro) Elvis Snoop ✅🦅," Medici captioned the post. "Dinner @ the Malibu house talking numbers."

A post shared by Champ Medici

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Forever the business-minded entrepreneur, Snoop wore an NBC 2024 Olympics tracksuit during the evening festivities, in honor of his new (and highly anticipated) role as the broadcast company's Olympics correspondent for the upcoming Olympic summer games in Paris.

In one of the videos Snoop's son posted, the rapper hilariously interacts with legendary actor De Niro, jokingly telling him: "You didn't know I had Italian in my blood, huh?"

"I knew that," the Silver Linings Playbook actor replied.

While the trio hanging out may seem odd, Snoop is a big fan of cinema, starring and directing in a number of films, including Half Baked, Caught Up, Ride and I Got the Hook Up.

Snoop Dogg and Robert De Niro.

Snoop Dogg and Robert De Niro.

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In 2022, while speaking at SXSW, Snoop revealed some of his favorite movies of all time include Willie Dynamite, The Education of Sonny Carson and Super Fly.

Sure, a rapper, a boxer, and Elvis" sounds like the start of a joke to many... but apparently it's just a typical Friday night.

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