Meghan Markle Could Return to Acting If 'Meet Me at the Lake' Adaptation Is Successful, Says PR Expert

It's all strategy.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle acquired the movie rights to the bestselling romance novel Meet Me at the Lake recently, in a surprising move that they have yet to address publicly.

While one theory is that the Duchess of Sussex herself could star in the movie adaptation, it seems more likely at this point that she would limit herself to being a producer on the project—a move which one PR expert thinks is smart at this stage.

"I think that it would be better to see Meghan in a producer role, not because of her talent for acting, but because the focus of the film would be on Meghan rather than the story, and the critics would dine out of this, however good she was," Rhea Freeman told Express.

However, Freeman also said that she could see the duchess going back to acting after this first project comes out, especially if it's a success.

"The other argument is 'why shouldn’t she?' I guess that’s linked to the overall objective of Archewell Productions—is it purely to re-establish Meghan as an actress or is it to tell stories that are perfect for adaptation?" the expert continued.

"My gut feeling would be that the next project of this nature would be a good place for Meghan to resume a role in front of the camera too, when, hopefully, Meet Me at the Lake has been a huge success as that would be a good platform to build the Archewell Productions brand on a deeper level."

Meghan's potential return to acting has been floated by many royal commentators, after the Sussexes' contract with Spotify ended, and the duchess was signed by a top Hollywood talent agency. For the moment, we haven't heard much from the royal couple about what they plan to do next, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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