Meghan Markle Could Be "Struggling to Find Her Footing in Hollywood," Expert Suggests

She signed with a talent agency months ago.

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Meghan Markle is in a bit of a weird transition period where her career is concerned.

Her audio deal with Spotify recently ended, somewhat unexpectedly, and she also signed with Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor in the spring—though we don't know what she plans to do with their help, and we haven't heard any news about it, either.

This has led to a bunch of speculation as to what the Duchess of Sussex might do next, including the possibility of her going back to acting, though some commentators don't think this would be the best move for her.

"It is good business to have her on their roster. It is also good for Meghan having a prestige agency," PR expert Kieran Elsby told the Mirror about Meghan's contract with WME.

"However, it's been three months since the news broke and we've heard nothing since. This is a longer period of time than is typically expected for a new client to secure deals, which suggests that Meghan may be struggling to find her footing in Hollywood."

Elsby went on to speculate as to what might have caused this delay.

"It's possible that Meghan is still in the early stages of developing her projects and doesn't want to announce anything until she's sure they're ready," he said.

"It's also possible that she's been rejected from potential partnership deals, which could be demoralizing and make her reluctant to share her plans with the public"

As to what exactly these projects might look like, Elsby reminded us, "She's also said in the past that she's done with acting, and she seems to be more interested in producing and creating content."

He continued, "I think it's more likely that we'll see her launch a new lifestyle brand or start a foundation. That way she is in control and basically need sponsors, which should be easier to find."

Indeed, there have long been murmurs about Meghan relaunching her lifestyle blog The Tig, though the duchess herself hasn't addressed this.

Meanwhile, she and Harry remain dedicated to supporting causes they care about via their Archewell Foundation. As for the rest, we'll have to wait and see what she does next.

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