Meghan Markle Will Likely Have a “Lead Role” in Ending Prince William and Prince Harry’s Yearslong Feud, Expert Says

Will peace, at last, be restored?

Meghan Markle
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If peace is to be restored within the confines of the royal family—specifically in regards to the relationship between brothers Prince William and Prince HarryOK reports that Meghan Markle will play a “lead role” in it. The Duchess of Sussex “could become a catalyst in ending their sibling rivalry,” the outlet reports, helping end a feud that has persisted for years and only escalated after the 2023 publication of Harry’s memoir, Spare, which largely takes aim at William.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Brothers William and Harry have been at odds for years

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“Whether there is any truth in it or not, people are quick to blame Meghan for their [William and Harry’s] fractured relationship—making her into a sort of royal Yoko Ono figure,” public relations expert Luana Ribeira said, referring to the widow of John Lennon. “For Meghan, it would be a good move for her to take a leading role in helping bring these brothers back together so they can support their father [King Charles] together.”

Meghan Markle

An expert said Meghan could be a leader in the brothers' reconciliation 

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Some royal followers “were disappointed” in Harry and Meghan “after they continued to attend engagements despite King Charles’ recent cancer diagnosis,” OK writes.

To this point, Ribeira added “I think the main thing the couple could do to turn public perception about them around is to build bridges with the royal family,” she said. “News of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis makes this the ideal time for both sides to draw a line under things which have been done and said in the past and mend relationships.”

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As with many families, a health scare could be a push for reconciliation between estranged members of the royal family

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Though much water has gone under the bridge since William and Harry’s quarrel began over five years ago, “I think deep down a large part of the British public is rooting for Prince Harry and Prince William to rediscover the closeness they once had,” Ribeira said.

And if Meghan can be the one to broker that peace, especially in such a turbulent time for the family—by all means, let’s see it come to pass.

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