Meghan Markle Thinks Prince Harry Is "Making a Big Mistake" in Wanting to Reach Out to William, Kate: Source

She's worried he'll get hurt again.

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Meghan Markle is worried about Prince Harry's reported desire to reach out to brother Prince William and sister-in-law Princess Kate, according to a source.

The Duke of Sussex will visit the U.K. in May to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his beloved Invictus Games, and is reportedly planning to see his father King Charles while he's there.

But even more significant are the rumors that Harry is planning on reaching out to William and Kate ahead of or during the visit, since he and Meghan haven't exactly been on speaking terms with the Waleses for the last few years.

Still, the shock of Kate's cancer diagnosis—which she revealed to the public last month—has apparently gotten to Harry, who now wants to build bridges.

"Meghan knows she is facing a losing battle when it comes to Harry reaching out to Kate and William to try and sort through their differences, but she thinks he’s making a big mistake," the source told OK!. "She obviously feels sympathy for Kate and what she’s going through, but in her mind, it doesn’t change things."

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Prince Harry reportedly plans to reach out to Prince William and Princess Kate.

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According to the insider, Meghan is upset that William has never apologized to his younger brother, and has made her peace with never having a relationship with the Waleses.

"But she knows deep down that Harry wants to fix the relationship and the Kate news has made him more determined to try and do it," the source added. "But she thinks Harry is being naïve and that he still can’t trust William."

They continued, "She feels William has made it clear that he doesn’t want a reconciliation and hasn’t made any effort, he could have quite easily made time for Harry when he’s been in the UK.

"This isn’t all on Harry but because of the current situation, there’s no way William will offer an olive branch. Meghan just doesn’t want to see him hurt again as it’s taken him years to finally get over the fallout."

Around the time he released his memoir Spare, Harry expressed that the ball was in William's court in terms of a reconciliation, but it seems Kate's diagnosis may have changed his outlook.

Here's hoping they all find a way forward that works for everyone.

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