A Would-Be Cinderella Literally Left a Shoe Behind at Prince Christian of Denmark's Birthday Gala

Stop, this is amazing.

Gala Dinner For Prince Christian Of Denmark On His 18th Birthday In Copenhagen
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A Cinderella Story meets The Prince & Me.

My early 2000s romcom-loving heart is beating out of my chest after the cutest thing ever happened at Prince Christian of Denmark's 18th birthday gala this past Sunday.

The young prince celebrated his birthday alongside members of Danish royalty including his grandmother Queen Margrethe and his father Crown Prince Frederik (Christian is second in line to the throne after Frederik).

Other guests on the night included Greek, Dutch, and Swedish royalty (such as the 19-year-old Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, and the 21-year-old Princess Elisabeth of Belgium), but it's unclear who exactly might have left behind one (1) sparkly stiletto at Christiansborg Palace. Sound like a Hallmark movie yet???

If you ask me, obviously someone left their shoe on purpose to be cute and romantic, because you don't just, like, lose a shoe. The only other explanation is that they changed into more comfortable flats and therefore didn't realize they only had one shoe, but I'm choosing to ignore that theory right now, OK?

Posting a photo of a high-heeled glittery sandal on Instagram, the official account for the Danish Royal Family wrote, "Is it Cinderella who forgot her shoe last night?

"When the guests at Her Majesty The Queen's gala dinner went home yesterday, this lonely stiletto shoe was left at Christiansborg Castle. The owner is welcome to contact us to get it back."

"That's one way to find a prince," quipped one person.

"The Kingdom of Denmark is the land of fairy tales, so it is logical that Cinderella lost her shoe yesterday. The only question is, will Prince Charming go on a mission?!" asked someone else.

I'm! Dying! OMG! Imagine if this is the start of a real-life love story?????

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