Prince William Likely to Ban Prince Harry from Attending Coronation, Expert Claims

With five months to go—and a tell-all still yet to be released—is there hope for the Sussexes attending the event?

Prince William and Prince Harry
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Is the notion of brothers Prince William and Prince Harry ever reconciling a bridge too far? Perhaps—and Harry & Meghan, the six-part docuseries released this month on Netflix, isn’t helping the cause at all. (Likely the same will be said, come January 10, about Harry’s forthcoming memoir, Spare.) The question beginning to be widely asked: what about Harry and Meghan’s invites (or potential lack thereof) to King Charles’ coronation in May? Will they be asked to come? Some sources say yes (he is, after all, the son of the monarch), but with William tasked with planning the event, it could be up in the air.

“You can’t have people like this going to the King’s coronation,” royal expert Angela Levin says, per OK. “It’s an important occasion and it can’t just be all about them [Harry and Meghan]—and if they do come, it will be all about them. I think William will say, ‘Absolutely not. You cannot come.’”

Of all of the members of the royal family—at least in this writer’s opinion—it was William who was most negatively portrayed in the docuseries, and “he is the most annoyed about all of this, and today, once again, they dragged him through the mud,” Levin says.

The bits in particular about the so-called “Sandringham summit”—revealed in Volume Two of the docuseries, released this past Thursday—are particularly damaging to the relationship between William and Harry, which likely is irrecoverable at this point, experts say. In Harry & Meghan, Harry says of the summit “it was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me and my father say things that just simply weren’t true. And my grandmother, you know, quietly sit there and take it all in.”

“There’s no question that this is a very damaging docuseries,” royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams says. “It’s skillfully made and destructive—particularly to William—extremely cruel. There’s no doubt that the rift between the brothers will [be] irretrievable after the claims in regard to the Sandringham summit.”

As Harry and Meghan’s coronation invites hang in the balance, one has to continually wonder—would any of this be happening, any of it, if Princess Diana were still here? 

Rachel Burchfield
Contributing Royal Editor

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