Prince William Stunned Royal Fans by Serving Burgers From a Food Truck

New side hustle?

Prince William
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Imagine a scene: You're on your lunch break, and you head over to a nearby gathering of food trucks to grab, say, a nice burger. But when you go to take your food off the busy chef, you suddenly realize that your server for the day is none other than Prince William.

I know, it sounds pretty farfetched, but this strange scenario actually happened to a group of lucky diners who got to test-drive something called an "Earthshot burger."

After they recovered somewhat from their initial shock, the Prince of Wales explained exactly how the burgers had come about.

"The Earthshot Prize is there to repair and regenerate the planet. Everything you see here comes from the winners from last year, so the box you're about to eat in is built from a company called Notpla, and there's no plastic involved. They came up with a seaweed coating," William explained to the diners in a YouTube video on the Sorted Food channel.

"The ingredients inside the burger are grown from a greenhouse in India, from a company called Kheyti, and last but not least, the way we've cooked them has been on a thing called Mukuru Clean Stoves, and that is designed by a lady in Kenya, who came up with the concept to reduce air pollution and health pollution."

The royal then joked about the chefs, "Can't vouch for the taste and the quality, but that's up to Kush and Ebbers."

Reacting to realizing they were being served by a real-life prince, one diner said, "My brain took, like, three seconds to buffer. Am I dreaming? Have I had enough sleep?"

They continued, commenting on the initiative, "It's thinking about, you know, the environment, the planet, how our food's made, how our packaging's made."

Meanwhile, William wrote on Instagram, "#Earthshot Burger anyone?

"A very special collaboration using extraordinary @earthshotprize solutions to create a @sortedfood recipe like no other."

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