Prince Harry and Prince William Are Reportedly NOT Speaking Right Now, In Case You Were Wondering


Prince Harry and Prince William
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A few months ago, there were many reports of bitter feelings between the royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry.

But just because such reports have slowed down in recent months doesn't mean the two have made up, unfortunately—or so one source claims, at least.

"William hasn’t reached out to Harry and vice versa," the insider told OK!. "They haven’t been arguing, but there hasn’t been any contact made either. No telephone calls, no FaceTime and no Zoom calls."

If the source is correct, this would potentially mean that the brothers will not have exchanged messages on William, Prince George or Princess Lilibet's birthdays, though of course there's no way for us to know for sure.

As far as we know, there have been hard feelings between William and Harry for a long time, potentially even going all the way back to their childhood. But things escalated firstly when Meghan Markle joined the Royal Family, and secondly when the Sussexes made the decision to step down from their roles as senior royals and move to the U.S.

It was pretty much downhill from there, with the Sussexes' March 2021 Oprah interview awakening anger in William, followed by Harry's January 2023 memoir Spare.

In his book, Harry went as far as to claim William physically attacked him while they were arguing about Meghan in 2019, a disclosure which can't have delighted William upon learning about it.

Meanwhile, as William and Harry sadly grow further apart, it seems like the bond between the Prince of Wales and his father the King may have gotten stronger as they learn to rely on each other more. Still, I hope the brothers can sort it out once and for all.

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