Salma Hayek Says Channing Tatum Almost "Killed" Her During a Lap Dance for 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'

LOL, Salma.

Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum attend the "Magic Mike's Last Dance" World Premiere on January 25, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida.
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Salma Hayek stars in Magic Mike's Last Dance, out Feb. 10, alongside Channing Tatum, and it sounds like filming went a little less smoothly than you might expect.

"It was also challenging. Technical," Hayek remarked to Jimmy Kimmel during a recent appearance on his late-night show.

The host didn't have a hard time believing her on that point. "It seemed a little bit dangerous, actually," he said.

Hayek then confirmed, "It was. You know, there's one part that's not in it where I'm upside down.

"My legs had to be somewhere, but upside down one loses sense of direction, and I didn't do what I was supposed to do, so I—in the rehearsal, I went head down, almost hit my head.

"He held onto my pants, but I was really concerned because my pants—he was pulling my... my pants were going away, and I couldn't remember if I had underwear or not in this moment.

"So instead of putting my hands to protect my head, I just held onto the pants, and he's like, 'Put your hands up! Put your hands up!' and I'm like, 'No, no, no, no!' 'Hold onto my legs,' I'm like, 'No, no, no!' until everybody came in and kind of took me away from him and he said, 'What's wrong with you?'

"I said, 'What's wrong with me? You nearly killed me!'"

Death by lap dance? That's one that I haven't read about in the news so far.

Anyway, apart from this incident, it sounds like making this movie was a real treat for Hayek, who says she hadn't really had a lap dance before this.

"I mean, if you're gonna start somewhere, why not Channing?" she said, making points.

"But you know what, I deserve it. Because I had to play the stripper in so many movies before and now I just got to sit down and enjoy! I don't take my clothes off."

Living her best life, as per.

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