Serena Williams Reacts to Being on More Than One "Worst Dressed Lists"

Don't hold your breath for an apology, folks.

Serena Williams attends the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.
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Serena Williams is aware she has appeared on more than one so-called "worst dressed list," and she has some thoughts.

"Listen, I think being on worst dressed lists is important,” Williams told People in a recent interview in celebration of the publication's 50th anniversary.

“I’ve loved every style that I've made and you know, you don't love them looking back all the time," she added, "but I appreciate them.”

The tennis legend and proud mom of two went on to say that she considers fashion to be "a way to express yourself and express your personality," in addition to expressing "who you are and what you are."

"Sometimes, the only way the world can see you is through your style," she continued. "And so for me, whether it's the best list or the worst dressed list, it's all kind of cool. Hey, at least I made a list."

Serena Williams attends the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Serena Williams attends the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Over 20 years ago, in 2003, the tennis superstar told People that she was again aware that she had been listed among some of the "worst dressed" celebrities a time or two.

“I’ve been on worst dressed lists and I don’t care," she told the publication at the time.

Clearly, not much has changed—in fact, Williams told People in this most recent 2024 interview that when it comes to fashion, the 2000s are “making a huge comeback.”

“Like, do I look through my closet?” she continued. “From back then, I don't think I have anything. Well, not much. I do keep things, but, you know, my body might not fit the same things that it fit in... back then."

In February 2024, Williams shared a candid postpartum bikini picture on Instagram along with an inspiring message about body acceptance and self-love.

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"Loving yourself is essential. I find that I have to remind myself of that self-love through all different stages in my life," Williams captioned the post. "Right now I love that my body is not picture perfect. I love that I smell like milk—that milk sustains @adiraohanian I love getting to know a new version of my body. It is a change, but it’s a change that has been well worth it. So start this week, knowing that you are loved, and that starts with you."

While a lot has changed in over 20 years, and Williams has been open about her pregnancy and postpartum body and the various ways motherhood has changed her perspective, mindset and body, she says she has zero regrets about the fashion choices she has made—both past and present.

"I’ve had a lot of outfits. A lot of on court outfits, a lot of off court outfits. I've had some amazing, amazing red carpet looks,” she said. “I’ve had a lots of different looks, but you know what, you can't take any of it back. I'm leaning into all of them.”

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