Seth Rogen Was Accidentally Way Too High To Be Front Row At Adele’s Concert Special

“If Adele, you're watching this, why did you do that?"

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When Seth Rogen got invited to an Adele concert, he had no idea it would be the televised concert for her CBS special Adele: One Night Only that aired on November 14. So he and his wife Lauren Miller, headed for what they thought was a casual night out, sparked one up beforehand. 

A really big one, apparently.

They "smoked a ton of weed,” the actor told Jimmy Fallon on Late Night on Dec. 2, before arriving to find out that the concert was actually a massive media event. 

“I got an invitation,” Rogen recalled. “‘Do you want to go to a small Adele concert?’ is what I remember absorbing.”

When they arrived fully baked (via chauffeured car) they found a much more intense event than they expected. “We pull up and we see cranes, camera cranes, there’s drones flying around, there’s an entire crew there, and I’m like ‘oh no, we are at the filming of a television special I think,’” Rogen said.

“I’m like ‘Maybe it’s not that big of a television special’ and the first person I see is Oprah Winfrey,” he continued. “And I’m like ‘oh no, I think it’s a big television special.’” 

The star of stoner comedies like Superbad, Rogen has been candid about his marijuana use throughout his career — so it’s no surprise he smoked before the show.

“If I’m being honest, I hate to burst everyone’s… I smoke weed, Jimmy,” Rogen said. 

“Breaking news,” Fallon said. “Breaking news here.”

“You’ll have to reconcile that,” Rogen said. 

However, he said, if he had known that he was going to end up in the first row of the audience and within prominent view of the cameras, he probably would have taken it a little bit easier.

“We’re not equipped to mentally do this right now,” Rogen recalled thinking, hoping he and his wife could disappear into the background. That’s when they were given seats 1A and 1B. 

“We’re in front row center,” he said. “We’re as close as you could fathomably be. I sit down and there’s a camera literally pointed at my face.”

Not only did Rogen not expect to find himself at the filming of a concert that brought in 10 million viewers, he certainly didn’t think he should have been placed in such a prominent position. 

“There are so many more famous people here who should be sitting where I’m sitting, and I could feel them being insulted that I had such a good seat,” Rogen said, noting that he’s never even met Adele. Behind him were celebrities like Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, Kris Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres. “I was in front of Drake. Like there’s no world where I should be in front of Drake. How was that possible?”

“I feel Leonardo DiCaprio behind me thinking like ‘did Seth Rogen write “Rolling in the Deep”? Is that why he’s so close?’”

“If Adele, you're watching this,” he added, “why did you do that?"

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