Simone Biles Reacts to Husband's "The Catch" Comments

I mean if this doesn't cement her status...

Simone Biles
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Here's the thing about husbands: they're constantly embarrassing. Themselves and others. All the time. Especially their poor wives, who have to often put up with a level of self-awareness that borders on "deeply concerning" and "completely out of touch with reality."

Thankfully, when you are the One True Catch in your relationship, like Simone Biles clearly is, it's easy to respond in a way that shuts it all down. Sorry, girl, but try to downplay it all you want: this man clearly married up.

For those who need some context: Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in the history of humans doing sports competitively, has a husband named Jonathan Owens who plays football for the Green Bay Packers. Prior to being her husband, he was just another dude on Raya, swiping for matches, and ending up in a mutual right-swipe with Simone Biles, a woman he apparently did not know (!!). This made him assume that he was/is/whatever, "the catch" in their relationship because—and I quote—"I always say that the men are the catch."

Whew! Whew, whew, whew, whew, whew. Whew.

So anyway, Owens went on to address the backlash on Instagram, saying he was "unbothered," to which Biles replied "🤞🏾💋 for life" in the comments.

She also took to X (the artist formally known as Twitter), to post the following meme (which we admit was also pretty funny):

Now, we're not trying to continue something she's clearly trying to shut down/end, but: girl, you're the catch here. This reply sorta proves it: you had to come to your man's defense because of how wrong-headed he was, and you handled it this casually? This coolly? A man whose name we keep having to look up because his legacy compared to yours is, ultimately, unmemorable?

We're just saying: husbands deserve a little bit of perspective. Don't ever let a man kid himself or you—that's all!

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