Eagle-Eyed Fans Notice That Travis Kelce’s Phone Lock Screen Sure Appears to Feature—You Guessed It—Taylor Swift

That’s how you know it’s real.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
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It’s not real until he or she is the photograph on your phone’s lock screen, right? If that’s the barometer we’re working off of, then consider Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift very real: an eagle-eyed fan spotted only a part of Kelce’s lock screen (his hand was covering the rest)—but it was enough for this X user to declare “travis has got taylor as his lockscreen i’d recognise those bangs anywhere LFG,” as they juxtaposed a photo of Kelce holding his phone in his hand with a photo of Swift from her Eras Tour film premiere in Los Angeles earlier this month. (Take a look for yourself here.)

It seems that no matter where Kelce goes, Swift isn’t far from his mind: a clip posted to TikTok shows the Kansas City Chiefs tight end dancing to his girlfriend’s hit, “Shake It Off,” while attending the World Series Game 1 in Texas between the Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks; later that night, in another clip shared by a different TikTok user, Kelce danced again to a different Swift track while at a bar after the game (“Love Story” this time). Kelce will probably be greeted with Swift’s music more or less wherever he goes from here on out… 

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

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But Kelce doesn’t seem to mind. Of their relationship, “It’s quickly turning more serious,” a source told People yesterday. “They share a strong work ethic and have a huge appreciation for life and their careers, strong family bond, and values.”

Oh, and back to Kelce and his phone: he apparently was recording a video of himself dancing to “Love Story” at the bar, and “the video shows Kelce ending his recording and continuing to look down at his phone, with some fans speculating that he was busy sending the clip to the singer herself,” Entertainment Tonight reports (or FaceTiming her?). 

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have dinner at Waverly Inn on October 15, 2023 in New York City.

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“Taylor is loving dating Travis,” a source said, per Entertainment Tonight. “He has his own goals, ambition, and success, and they complement each other. She likes that they both have their own careers and separate lives, but also connect on so many levels.”

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in New York City

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And, just as Kelce seems smitten, “Travis’ family adores Taylor,” they said of Kelce’s parents, Ed and Donna. “They are impressed by her and think she’s sweet, giving, and caring, similarly to how Travis is. Travis is a laid back, fun, and charismatic guy. They bring out the best in each other.”

Speaking of “Love Story”—this seems to actually be shaping up to be just that.

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