Swifties Are Going Wild With the Easter Eggs in Taylor's Latest Instagram Post

Can you find them all?

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As Swiftie's scramble to find out what percentage of Taylor Swift listeners they ended up in (0.5% for this writer, in case you're curious!), they also get to celebrate that their favorite artist has been named the 'Global Top Artist of 2023' by Spotify. To celebrate, Swift finally released You're Losing Me on Spotify.

In the announcement, posted both by Swift and Spotify, she is named the most listened-to artist of the year, along with a decorated image. This image has sent Swifties into a tailspin, as they've immediately pulled out their magnifying glass to get further details.

Swift is known for her Easter eggs, where she frequently hides clues in promotional materials. However, the concept of Easter eggs seems to have taken a life of its own, with fans now spotting clues in every tiny detail (like her nail varnish) and being disappointed when they don't add up, such as with Reputation (Taylor's Version).

This time, Swift really has given her fans enough to keep them busy, as there are dozens of hints and personal touches to this image.

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Let's dive in to some of the details you might have missed.

In the image, she is wearing friendship bracelets, which have become a trend at all of her concerts. This is also how Travis Kelce planned to first approach her. There are more beads for friendship bracelets dotted around the photo, and fans are eagerly counting these to find more clues.

Near that right hand, we can also spot the vehicle referenced in her song Getaway Car, the snow globe from All Too Well, and the disco ball from mirrorball. There are actually several mirrorballs across the photo, which Swifties are eagerly discussing.

The numbers 1 and 3 are visible at the bottom, which represent Swift's lucky number and birthdate, 13. Also at the bottom is a pair of cowboy boots, which may reference her country music past, or her more recent song, cowboy like me.

Near her face is a pair of die that add up to 13, again referencing her lucky number. She is also surrounded by koi fish, which are painted on one of her guitars and often used in music videos, like Lavender Haze.

Now, by her left hand, we've got a snake for Reputation and a seagull for 1989, but what do the butterfly and fox represent? There is a signpost with 'Cornelia St' like the beloved song from Lover, and a string of ivy for the song on evermore.

We've got a cat (obviously, it's Taylor!), and it is wearing the iconic red scarf referenced in All Too Well, which has become a symbol for her album Red.

There are probably even more symbols I'm missing, especially in the accompanying video, but this Swiftie is already exhausted!

Fans are taking to Twitter to discuss what this all could mean, whether there's a new album coming, or the announcement on Reputation (Taylor's Version) or Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version). Knowing Swift, we'll find out on the 13th of December!

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